What is the future of marketing

As the digital revolution continues marching onwards, the world of marketing is changing. In 2016 online sales racked up more than £100 billion worth of sales.

Customers are moving online at a startling rate. Whether it’s to buy clothes or book a table at a restaurant. The new technology has put the customer in the driving seat and the need for businesses to understand the shifting foundations of marketing has never been so apparent.

In an age where a single tweet can cause reputational damage. In order to help you prepare for the changing landscape we have set out some key tips about the future of marketing.


Online media has amplified the power of the individuals voice like never before. In order to connect with your customer, you must build lasting relationships. It is more than just referring to someone’s name in an email. It is about understanding your customers’ requirements which involves sharing useful information.

Data driven

All of our activities, from credit card transactions to checking into our favourite restaurant are recorded. Technology has opened up an insight into customers never seen before. Data will be a key tool for marketers in the future. It provides analysis about the success of campaigns and customers buying habits. The new data management provides an opportunity to provide more targeted messaging and resonate with your customers.

Great content

In the minefield of online information quality content will be paramount. The internet is filled with utterly useless, bland and often corporate spiel. The marketer of the future must produce interesting and engaging content. Your customers look to you as an expert – it is crucial you show them this is the case to give them confidence in your abilities. It is also an important part of your brand strategy to stand out in a noisy online world. Over 1 million new businesses started in the UK since 2010 – that’s more competition in an already saturated platform. Great content should be the jewel in your online crown.

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