Increase the likes and followers on your Facebook page…

So, you have set up your Facebook page and have invited all of your friends to like it. You have also boosted a post or ran an advert but would still like to increase the likes and followers on your page…


Some of the people who may have liked your post may not necessarily have liked your page and this is because the post has been shared, commented on or liked by a friend, allowing your post to show up in other people’s newsfeeds.


They may have chosen to like, comment or share your post, but they won’t necessarily have liked your page. If they have liked your post, then you may be able to invite them to like your page. You will need to have more likes on your post than can be listed individually within the space provided for the post, resulting in the rest being grouped under a hyperlink “others”. The number of likes required to trigger the “others” hyperlink will depend upon the length of the names of the people who have liked the post.


The example below only has two Likes and nothing else taking up space in this area, so all of those names fit within this area, therefore the “others” hyperlink has not been triggered.





However, when you get more post likes than can be listed individually in this area, you end up with a hyperlink to view the “others” that couldn’t be listed. The example below shows that there are “5 others” who also liked this post. This is too many to list individually within the space and therefore the “others” hyperlink appears.








Once you click on the “others” hyperlink, it then opens up a box that allows you to “Invite people who like this post to like your page”.

You can now clearly see who:

  • Likes your page

  • Has already been invited to like your page

  • Who you can invite to like your page

















From here, you just simply need to go ahead and invite those people who don’t already like your page to like your page.

People who get an invite to like your page, are getting the invite directly from you, via your personal Facebook Profile.


So, remember, you may be sending invites to people who are strangers to you personally. If you are not happy with this request coming from your personal Profile, then don’t use this feature.

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