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The Creative Marketing Studio is a marketing agency in Peterborough. We specialise in creative marketing solutions across print, social and digital marketing. In this post, we take a look at what we can offer our clients.


One Stop Marketing Agency Peterborough

At The Creative Marketing Studio, we are a one stop shop when it comes to marketing. We provide services across the board, offering everything from print, social and digital marketing. Among our huge portfolio of services, we offer strategic planning, branding and advertising. You can see our full range of services here.


We also specialise in design, which allows us to provide additional services that many agencies are unable to offer; these include infographics, branding and graphic design. This is a factor that can save our clients a great deal of time and hassle. It may also work out cheaper to arrange a bespoke marketing and design package with us than to buy these services individually from different companies.


Creative Solutions

At our Peterborough marketing agency, we invest heavily into the creative side of things. This helps us to provide inventive solutions no matter what the challenge. It also helps to make us an extremely versatile company, able to transfer our skills and knowledge from one industry to another. We currently provide services for clients from a wide range of sectors, including catering, security surveillance and health and safety.


Delivering ROI

The bottom line for us is always to provide our clients with return on investment, whether it’s helping them to increase cash flow, exposure or customer base. We are strong believers in backing up our work with hard evidence. This not only gives our clients confidence in our work but allows us to continually assess what we’re doing and adapt if necessary.


Get in Touch

We’d love to hear about your business, so please get in touch by calling our Creative Director Shelley on 07734591478 or emailing to find out what tailored marketing support we can offer you.

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