Lockdown Marketing Tips. Tip no.4

⭐ Tip no. 4

Review your processes. Are they streamlined?

There are probably numerous things you know you could have done better but you’ve lacked the time to be able to stop what you’re doing and assess if there’s a better way.

A great example is your customer journey. Do you know how they found you (Google search, social media?), what they bought, what attracted them to your product/service? This information is vital for your marketing and will help you to create a marketing strategy that works! Look through your analytics and insights and get to know your customers, then use this information to target them!

There are also lots of other tools for helping you to run your business efficiently and while they can cost you some money, there are a few that have free packages/trials that would do the job.

We use a great tool called ClickUp. A project management tool which allows us to create tasks for each of our clients and set deadlines, ensuring we can juggle numerous projects at one time.

We also recommend Zoom Video Communications which is fast becoming the chosen tool when it comes to corporate video-conferencing. The free version supports up to 100 participants with video and sound for meetings of up to 40 minutes.

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