Why corporate videos make financial sense – By Ellen Jackson

Video content has come into its own with the digital revolution and the exciting developments in online marketing and social media.
And that means it provides an incredibly cost-effective method of marketing to promote your products or services to your target audience – whether that be customers, stakeholders, clients, influencers or funders.

A really focused corporate video can launch your business; present a highly professional image and deliver your message in a powerful way.

Google, the web search engine, just loves video content and is much more likely to improve your positioning in the search engine if you have some ‘rich content’ like a video.  There are of course no guarantees.  Google’s criteria changes all the time, but evidence shows that video is an important factor.

The benefits of corporate video are obvious.  You can use it in a myriad of different ways, which means it represents excellent value for money.  Let’s just think about a few of those potential marketing outlets.


Power of YouTube

YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine.  We have all trawled through videos on there – and of course it is free to access.  Suddenly, you have opened up your product, service or message to a potentially global audience.

If you are a Facebook user, you will also have spent many hours being entertained or informed by videos posted on that social media outlet.  Some videos end up going viral because they are shared thousands of times.  And by the time we start to add in Twitter and Linked In to the online social media marketing mix, you start to get a sense of the potential audience reach for your video.

But there are other benefits of video over and above social media and online postings.

The right kind of video can be used for business presentations, exhibitions, seminars or staff presentations.  Some companies choose to have their corporate video playing in reception areas to induct visitors into the company’s values and product range.

There is also the opportunity to use video clips on your website and tease your target audience with video inclusion on e-shots and e-newsletters in a bid to drive them back to your website and your messaging.


What are you trying to achieve?

It is not the video in itself that improves your business – but the way in which you use it to squeeze out maximum value.

A professionally shot video with the right messaging and emphasis can be a hugely compelling PR and marketing tool.  The key is to think carefully about the objective and ensure that the script, the emphasis and the finished version delivers to your target audience.  Generic videos without a story line tend to be featureless ‘wallpaper’.

So make sure you use a videographer who listens; puts together a clear storyboard before turning up to shoot; and then understands the kind of environments in which you want to use the finished production.


Who are Ellen Jackson videography?


 We are a Cambridgeshire based production company working with clients to create some great promotional videos.

We have many years experience of working with in lots of different sectors including television, fashion, motoring, engineering and charities from SMEs up to multi national businesses.



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