4 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Next Website

Whether you’re setting up a brand new website or migrating to a new one, we definitely recommend giving WordPress a go. Here are 4 key reasons why…

  1. It’s Free

Free doesn’t always equal good, just take the flu or a ruptured Achilles tendon for evidence of this. When it comes to websites however, being free certainly has plenty of plus points. From an individual blogger to a multinational business, everybody pays the same to use WordPress, no matter the size of your budget.

  1. It’s Popular

Popularity is not always a barometer of decency but the fact that WordPress has so many users works massively in its favour. The thriving online WordPress community is huge and extremely active. There have been millions of online guides created that address innumerable issues. If you need a solution that isn’t already covered you can post your problem directly to the WordPress forums, where you should be able to get a quick and concise answer to your query. The popularity of WordPress means that it is compatible across web browsers and platforms.

  1. It’s Open Source and Customisable

Because WordPress is open source it is always being developed. You don’t have to wait around for big corporations to roll out their latest update because users are already doing this almost all the time. WordPress is also extremely customisable, with a library comprising over 20,000 mostly free plugins. These plugins range from slideshows to SEO optimisation tools. What’s more, limitless downloadable themes are constantly being created by thousands of enthusiasts across the web.

  1. It’s Easy to Pick Up and Use

WordPress is extremely user friendly, even for a complete beginner with little or no programming knowledge. And while you may need a specialist designer or developer to help if you want to install one of the more complex features of the site, the popularity of WordPress means that you’ll never struggle to find assistance. The intuitive content management system of WordPress is very easy to use, meaning that adding content to your site is straightforward, whether your medium is words, photos or video. This is fantastic because search engines tend to promote sites that are updated regularly. WordPress also allows you to easily incorporate important SEO strategies and functions into your website – Google has endorsed it for this reason.

You can get started with WordPress here and if you ever need a hand check out our affordable website packages!

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