What Is the Role of Branding in Marketing?

It’s one of the cornerstones of modern business but exactly what is the role of branding in marketing? In this post we take a look at just that.


What Is Branding?

Given the importance of a branding, the actual meaning of the word can be a little loose. The legal term for a brand is a trademark; but branding counts for a lot more than simply the logo under which you trade. Branding makes you stand out from competitors as well as giving your company an identity. It represents the ideals if your organisation, its philosophy and reputation.


Crucially, branding is also defines the way in which people, including customers, perceive you. While you can’t control what people think about your business, good branding can influence how people see your company – giving your target market a clear idea of what your business stands for.


What Is The Role of Branding in Marketing?

To successfully incorporate branding into your marketing, it’s vital first to determine your brand. Take time to carefully consider what your business is – what do you offer? What is your target audience? What are their wants and needs? What differentiates your brand? Your branding should promote your business while connecting with your customer base and setting your business apart from the competition.


By carefully defining your brand, you will have a clear indication of the type of message you need to convey to your customers through your marketing. It will guide you in terms identifying your logo, your slogan and your website. It will also help you to put across a consistent message on your social media platforms.


Having this clear, consistent message is vital as it allows you to build trust between your company and your customers. In the modern marketplace, people have a lot of options but do not want to take a lot of time making decisions. When customers trust a brand, 83 percent will recommend a trusted company to others and 82 percent will continue to use that brand frequently. So, what is the role of branding in marketing? Just about everything.


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