3 Simple SEO Tricks for Better Rankings

Responsible for around half of all the world’s acronyms, the mysterious land of SEO can sometimes seem like a confusing and obfuscated place. However, after you sift through all the BS you will find that SEO is actually a lot more accessible than you might have thought. We’ve compiled our top three SEO tricks to help get you started, we hope you find them useful and LOLZ.


1. Optimise Your URL

This is one of the most basic SEO tricks but it’s still vitally important. Your URL, which stands for uniform resource locater, is another name for your web address. Your URL should be clear and simple, for instance if you sell plain black shoes your URL should be relevant to this topic. The URL plainblackshoes.co.uk is likely to stand out on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to someone who is looking for plain black shoes and will indicate to them that your site will deliver what they want.


2. Prioritise Loading Time

Page loading time can have a big impact on how your website performs on search engines, Google in particular. If there are two similar websites and one loads quicker than the other, it is likely that the faster site will get the higher ranking. Ideally, you want any page on your website to load within a second – if you manage to achieve this, preferable treatment from Google can be expected (ironically, Google itself does not always pass the one second test – SMH). To test your own site, a very useful and free resource is tools.pingdom.com/?testurl. If you find that your site is taking a long time to load try a few of the following:


Remove large images (all images should be under 100kb) – tinypng.com is a great tool for reducing image size without losing quality.


Remove unnecessary JavaScript files


Leverage browser caching


Regular and Original Content

When it comes to SEO, content is largely considered to be king – and that’s still the case in 2017. A really easy SEO trick is to regularly put out content on your site. This has a number of benefits. Content can be a great way for you to attract traffic to your website, for instance by writing posts about commonly asked questions relevant to your area of work. Regular content also lets Google know that your site is active, which will benefit you from an SEO standpoint. Publishing content also gives you the opportunity to link to other pages on your site, which will make you more accessible to search engines. With content it’s always important to publish original material – otherwise, you may find it hindering your SEO progress rather than helping it.


As demonstrated by these easy SEO tricks – search engine optimisation doesn’t have to be complicated. If you need a hand with any aspect of your SEO, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether it’s optimising your site or creating fresh content, we can help:


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