What Is Direct Mail Marketing? Long Live Letters

The rise and rise of digital technology means that traditional post is often at the bottom of the pile when it comes to advertising options. However, direct mail marketing shows that there is still plenty of life left in the letterbox, as we discuss in this post.
So, exactly what is direct mail marketing? Direct mail marketing is an advertising method that allows an organisation to communicate with current and potential customers directly through the post. You can choose to have your ad appear as part of a larger promotional leaflet or can go solo. Being part of cooperative advertising can cut costs for a company but going it alone tends to be the most effective way of reaching recipients.


When to Use It

Direct mail marketing can be a really good way to introduce new products, promote sales or special offers and to build loyalty between company and customer. The advertising technique is at its best when it is highly targeted so is well suited to companies that understand their customers inside out.


Who to Target

When it comes to how you want to target people, the possibilities are more or less endless – from someone’s age, to their profession and even to their hair colour. A B2B company may want to target other companies or industries rather than individuals. Using data collected from your current customer or client base, you can build up a profile of the type of person or company you want to target for your direct mail campaign. With the focus on such a refined demographic you help to increase response rate while also minimising wastage.


What to Write

Who you target in your campaign is key to success; however, it’s also pretty important to get the copy right. The content of your post should be clear and concise, as well as including a strong call to action. You can help to optimise response levels by providing recipients with a number of different ways to respond, such as by post, telephone and email. Incentives, like prizes and offers, can be a good strategy to help to improve response rate, as can a prepaid envelope.


How We Can Help

We produce tailored letters/flyers which sell your service or product, targeting a particular audience. We will take care of the content, design and distribution for you, to make the process as streamlined as possible. We follow up distribution with an email, a strategy that can help to prompt recipients to act on your call to action. We will measure response rates and analyse your campaign, providing you with concrete evidence to assess its effectiveness. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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