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It goes without saying that having a professional looking website is an absolute must for any internet based company, but these days it’s just as vital for bricks and mortar operations to have an online presence too. As a one-stop-shop for marketing, The Creative Marketing Studio offers a full range of digital services, including professional website design and development. We have a number of affordable website packages available as well as offering bespoke options – so it’s easy to find exactly what you need.


Any Size and Any Sector

From small sole traders, to big businesses and anything in between, we have experience of creating the perfect website for organisations of all sizes. We are also able to transfer our website design skills from one industry to another and have experience in sectors as diverse as catering and events. So whatever size of business you are and whichever industry you are in, The Creative Marketing Studio can help.


Professional Website Design

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we are delivering exactly what they want throughout the creative process. Our talented team is able to work with a brief to come up with a design from scratch or work with existing ideas to help bring a client’s design to life. Once the design process is complete we provide a client with a PDF document that shows accurately what their finished website is going to look like when it has been developed.



The platform that we use for our website development is WordPress. In comparison to other platforms, we find that WordPress has a number of big advantages, including its popularity. This is a factor that means compatibility issues are virtually non-existent, so it’s easy to browse a WordPress site whether someone is on a laptop, tablet or phone.

In our own personal experience, WordPress sites run very smoothly both during the build and when completed, it’s also very straightforward to add and integrate new content. What’s more, the platform is open source and customisable, which means that we don’t have to wait around for new updates to be rolled out by the owners – WordPress is very widely used so updates are being created almost constantly. Above all else, the fact that WordPress is free to use for us means reduced costs for our customers.


Our Website Packages

We offer a range of affordable website packages. These packages range from a single sliding landing page to an entire eight page website that includes in depth SEO and Google Analytics setup. With all of our packages we also offer a range of bolt on options, including logo and graphic design, photography, videography and blog posts for your site. Of course, if you would like a completely bespoke website, we are also more than happy to oblige.

Whatever type of professional website design service you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




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