The Chubby Castor

The Chubby Castor is a fine dining restaurant located in Castor and we were asked to provide them will a logo and branding ready for their launch in 2018.

We created a simple, modern logo which would work well across all marketing collateral. The icon which featured a ‘gent’ was inspired by the owners of the Chubby Castor who previously ran a prestigious restaurant in a top London hotel. The ‘gent’ icon brought a modern look to the brand.

Leading up to the launch we also provided them with branded email campaigns and a holding website. Further updates to the website were made as the menus were created in the lead up to the launch, and as the restaurant underwent a refurbishment, photos were also added. The WordPress website provided a flexible approach allowing us to build the full website whilst the holding website provided a temporary shop window for potential customers to get a flavour of what The Chubby Castor would offer.

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